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Xvideos is not the largest porn site in the world, nor is it the greatest, but I can see why a lot of people end up browse Xvideos. It is because what it does do, it does pretty fucking well. For starters; you have thousands of videos to browse on Xvideos. The company that does not really limit itself to any particular type of porn too, which means that a lot of stuff is there, and I reckon just about anybody with a legal kink is going to be able to get their jollies on the site. Of course, it does suffer with the same problem that many of the other free tube sites out there suffer from.

This is the fact that there is way too much porn to browse through. Yeah. This is a problem. It means that not all of it is going to be good. That is probably one of the downsides with relying on user uploads. People upload some right shit sometimes. This is why, if you are on X Videos, I suggest that you spend a lot of time going through the popular categories rather than browsing through new. It is going to save you a lot of headache, because it means you are going to enjoy the bulk of whatever you find.

Do bear in mind that not every single video on Xvideos is going to be available in HD. In fact, the majority of it is not, but if you are looking for free porn, I seriously doubt that you are going to be spending time looking for HD Videos, because if you wanted those, you would probably be paying for it. Oh, and yes, there are ads, but they ain’t gonna get in your way like on other sites, so don’t worry about it.

Review Pros

  • Thousands of videos
  • Tons of categories
  • Easy to search

Review Cons

  • Lacking HD videos

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