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I have always been in two minds about Xhamster, although I think that a lot of the negativity that I think about the site is down to the fact that I accidentally changed the language to Russian once and it took me a while to change it back. Xhamster has a lot of porn available on its tube site, and a lot of the stuff you will stumble across here is porn that you can’t find anywhere else online. Yep.

That is right. I have found porn on Xhamster that I could not find on some of the larger tube sites. I do think that this is down to better categorization, to be honest. While some of the larger porn sites online spend a lot of time trying to make sure that thousands and thousands of videos appear in every search, it gets annoying, cos half the shit included in those searches is going to be completely irrelevant for anybody that is looking at it. Not Xhamster.

Carry out a search on this tube site right now, and I bet you that nearly everything is going to have some sort of relevance to what you are looking for. There are a few ads on Xhamster, and some of them are going to appear before the videos that you are watching, but I never found them to be over the top or getting in the way, so that is nice. However, do bear in mind that you are not going to be able to jump in and have that sneaky wank right away because the ads are going to be there. However, that is to be expected. This is a larger site, and it does need to have the ad revenue coming in so it can continue to offer everything for free.

Review Pros

  • Millions of videos
  • Regular additions
  • HD porn

Review Cons

  • Lots of ads

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