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If you love watching porn, then Tube 8 is going to be right up your street. There are millions and millions of videos to browse through, and more are being added all the time. This means that you will have no fucking issues finding something which catches your attention.

Hell, even though Tube 8 is not the largest tube site in the world, I have been spending a lot of time here as of late simply based upon what they bring to the table...which is a whopping amount. It is worth noting that if you want to view the HD videos that Tube 8 has tucked away, you are going to need to stump up a bit of extra cash, but if you are more there for the free experience, then that is fine. Sure, you are not going to get HD porn, but there are not that many adverts kicking about, so you can view your porn relatively unopposed, which is always going to be nice, right?

You must remember that it is a free tube site, which means it is going to suffer from the common problem of having content which is not curated. This means that if you are just haphazardly browsing through the site, you are going to come across a lot of shit. However, I have found that if I sort by popularity on Tube 8, I barely see any crap. Most of what I stumble across is going to be relatively decent, and I have no issues with that. As I said; I think the only real problem I have with Tube 8 is the fact that there is just not enough HD porn that you can view unless you go for the premium membership, but I am sure a lot of you will pay for that. It is worth it, after all.

Review Pros

  • Millions of videos
  • Daily Additions

Review Cons

  • No HD Porn

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