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There are no prizes for guessing the type of porn that you are going to find kicking about on Extreme Tube. This is one of only a few dedicated extreme porn tube sites out there. Well, I guess that is a lie. It is not 100% dedicated to extreme porn, because there is some tame adult entertainment (in comparison to most videos) which seems to sneak through the cracks on occasion, but for the most part, this is the ‘go to’ place for bondage and the like. If you love that sort of shit, then you are going to feel right at home when you are browsing Extreme Tube.

There is a shit ton to explore, millions of videos in fact, and more are being added to the site all the time. I seriously doubt that you are ever going to get bored of what is on offer here. One of the great things about the site is how neat and tidy everything is. Normally when I review tube sites, I often have a few complaints to share with the world about how it looks, but that ain’t the case here. This site is actually pretty damn terrific in that regard.

I think the only real issue I have with Extreme Tube is how heavy they can seem on the ads on occasion, but since this is a problem with the bulk of porn sites out there, I can’t see this as much of an issue. There is a lack of free HD porn here too, which is a shame because I know the bulk of people who enjoy watching the most extreme shit in the world are going to be fans of the HD porn. Why? Cos ya really want to see how the people in the videos are suffering.

Review Pros

  • Best Extreme Porn
  • Thousands of Videos
  • Regular Additions

Review Cons

  • Non-Extreme Videos Sometimes

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